Lattice Back In!

Working Mom with Baby sitting at a desk with a notebook

Countless times I have had Moms and Dads ask me about how they can best come back into the world of professional work.  Often, they feel like the options are few. And they are right. They feel like they have completely fallen off the career ladder. But what many do not see is that they never really left their career ladder at all – because they were never on one to begin with!  Rather, we are all climbing around on an ever-growing lattice – up and down, sideways and backwards and sometimes in a wide ranging circle.

The career ladder concept has been crumbling for a long while now.  The career ladder is old world thinking. The ladder is a traditional climb that does not suit the vast majority of us.  The lattice is where we are, and it is the real way we move about in our professional journeys.

Why does it matter to envision your professional journey on a lattice as opposed to a ladder?  

Because it shows you that your journey is multi-directional – it is not unilateral climb or descent – it is not just up or down.  It shows you that your journey is rooted in connections – it is not about steps, it is about relationships that move you in different directions.  Connections allow your professional journey to get its strength and resilience. Because it shows you that what really matters and creates the most meaning is the beautiful and distinct pattern designed over time in the jobs you work, the results you deliver, the roles you play, and the people you impact.

Take a look today at the lattice you are building.  Look at all the moves and directions, the pivots and turns. Review all the connections made and strengthened over time with people, places, products, and experience. Take in and admire the amazing pattern you are designing with your time and your talents.   

If you’d like PeopleGetters to help you along your journey in lattice-building, please connect with us today! We are here to help connect people and to create more winning work stories.