Our Founder

As the founder of PeopleGetters, I believe in the power of winning work. I am great talent. I love pursuing excellence every day. I love upgrading the teams I work with. I love bringing home that trophy – which is that feeling of doing work well – every day to my kids, my husband, my dog, and my full soul-full self.

Sprinkled throughout my professional journey have been jobs and work experiences that left me feeling not seen, not valued, not heard. To all the great talent out there, you know this type of work can suck the life out of your very soul. At PeopleGetters, we only deal in winning work possibilities.

Our PeopleGetters approach to connecting Great Talent to Winning Work is fairly simple – we practice 100% transparency, we research first, and we embrace data at every step. I mean, y’all, recruiting is not rocket science. Not even close. That’s part of why so many people have had such terrible experiences with traditional recruiting firms – and why PeopleGetters strongly and clearly banishes all talk of traditional recruiting in our business.

And I think it is way more important here to talk about the people and the organizations that are not a fit with us. Which I think is likely the vast majority of companies out there. People ask me all the time – Kelly – do you specialize in any particular industry or any particular roles? And to be honest, the only people I won’t work with are assholes. Because it’s true. And if you are at a company where there are like 18 layers to get a signature, you’re not a good fit with PeopleGetters. If your company is led by a CEO who has an ego the size of Texas, you’re not a good fit with PeopleGetters. If you don’t embrace honesty and practice humility, chances are quite good that you’re not a good fit with PeopleGetters either.