Great talent isn’t looking for a job. Great talent is looking for winning work.

What is winning work? Winning work is the pursuit of excellence every day powered by people who love the pursuit, who upgrade the team and who bring home the trophy!

How? We help uncover the talent seeking winning work. Our approach is novel and modern: we practice 100% transparency, we conduct talent research (not head hunting) and we love data!



PeopleGetters Pillars

Discover the process that defines Winning Work


First things first. We pride ourselves at PeopleGetters on being direct, on telling it like it is, on pulling back the proverbial curtain on all of our Winning Work activities. If you are a candidate, that means you can always ask and always expect to be told where you really, truly are in a client’s search project. We deal only in truth, and we do not ghost anyone or make-up excuses or kick the can down the line. And guess what? The truth sometimes hurts. And sometimes it is awkward. And we trust that we are all adults here and we can all handle the truth and be cool when it is delivered from a place of sincere caring. And if you are a client? Well, we don’t hide a thing. We share everything with you. Like down to the line-item, law firm es-que 6 minute clock increment style of results-focused activities. If y’all want to see it, we will share it with you. We’ve got nothing to hide. As we say over and over, the work we do is not rocket science. It is simple, straight-forward, and rooted in the belief that Great Talent is always seeking Winning Work. Without clear, consistent, and trusted communication, no other PeopleGetters Pillar can stand.


We are onion peelers, here. At PeopleGetters, we love the pursuit. Truly. We love to dig and get to know people. We love to hear stories, and see how the dots of a person’s professional and personal journey are intertwined into a unique and valued picture. Our PeopleGetters research discipline is found throughout our entire company – everyone here is gifted with an inordinate amount of curiosity. Curiosity is what fuels our research – not judgment. And mostly, our research ends up looking a lot like good old-fashioned listening. Yep, that’s right. We talk to people. We embrace phone calls. We practice a daily habit of both Exploratory and Discovery Calls – these awesome connection points allow us to really get to know the person on the other end of the line. And as researchers, we also have ingrained habits of staying connected to individual stories. Without consistent research, there is no way you can make sense of the third and equally important PeopleGetters Pillar: Data.


Is now a good time to share that at PeopleGetters, we bow down to Brene Brown? Bow down. Dr. Brown once said something that really resonated – stories are just data with soul. Our research helps us to piece together the pieces of a story. Data is what often brings a story into relevance. Data allows our search projects to have weight in the “real world”, in the business of leads to conversions to candidates to offers. Data can drive us to spend more time and more resources with a select group of individuals, than with another. Data brings more distinction between this person and that person, and data can inform our decisions on what to do next inside of a search project. We absolutely love data. We recognize its limits. We embrace numbers at every step in a project. As ESPN often tells us, numbers don’t lie. At PeopleGetters, we also know that numbers and data can only tell a part of any story. And while data might not be the full story, it is a part we focus on every day with laser-like attention.