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Great Talent Does Not Job Hunt
Great Talent Seeks Winning Work

PeopleGetters is not a recruiting company. PeopleGetters is a Winning Work community, powered by small teams who discover Great Talent every single day. All of our team members are Stay at Home Parents who work in roles that maximize individual strengths. We work together, communicate daily, and keep every client and candidate informed and updated throughout Search Projects.  We work smart, fast, and transparently to create as much Winning Work as we can.

We believe in winning work. It is that alchemy of people, purpose, product and place that generates positive momentum inside of organizations. Winning work is eyes-wide-open, intention-aligned, team-designed to maximize time, embrace technology and value people every step of the way.

Winning Work

We connect with Great Talent every day. Curious, life-long learners, commitment to continuous improvement, infectious positivity, growth mindset, inclusive, accountable, relational. These are ways to describe Great Talent – people who possess core attributes that create winning work scenarios time and time again. You want these people on your team and in your life.

Great Talent

At PeopleGetters, we are committed to making this world a better place – one individual at a time getting connected to Winning Work opportunities. Our Get2Give program has a heart rooted in serving others, and offering a hand up as often as we can. We encourage every candidate and every client to join us!


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